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Buffalo Bargain is a great way to interact with consumers looking to eat, shop, play and do business in Buffalo, Minnesota.

Each month we deliver two email offers to our subscribers and one mobile phine text offer.  Your business can easily take part in our service as we offer 3 month and 6 month packages as well as guidance in creating great offers.

Why Buffalo Bargain Works

There are more than we're listing here, but this should get you thinking:

1.  Instead of consumers having to come to our service, we bring the offers to them.

2.  Many consumers have stopped interacting with traditional  advertising.

3.  Low cost marketing. We're talking as little as $50 a month to get started.

4.  Who else locally can take you right to a consumers mobile phone? Just us.

If you have more specific questions, would like a rate sheet or want to get started just fill out the short form below.